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Money. It’s a timely topic nowadays as the economy does somersaults. Financial literacy is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity.

My name is Brad Barnes and I started MoneyClass.com to start teaching people about money. I want to teach more people about money and how to use that money when they get it. MoneyClass.com is a great starting point for your financial education.

It all started when I was 15 years old. My dad took me to talk to a stock broker and I had no idea what that was or what he did. I had $500 dollars to my name and the broker said that if I invested that money in a stock, my money should go up. So I did. My first investment was 38 shares of PetsMart. In about 2 weeks, I made about $50! Now that got me thinking, at that young age, that my money just made more money for me. I did absolutely nothing to make that $50. At 15, I was working at a local restaurant as a busboy and it would have taken me a full-day Saturday shift to make that!

So after realizing that I did nothing to make that money and my money could work for me, I started saving every dollar I could. The next month I went back to the stock broker and told him I had more money to invest. I bought more stocks. Then he told me about “dollar cost average” which is buying stocks every month automatically, which we set up from my bank account. Every month on the 1st day I put $100 into my stock portfolio. I was buying more stocks and making more money. I started buying tech stocks. At that time (mid to late 90s) tech stocks where going up big time in price. As I saw my stock portfolio going up I was thinking to myself that I need to keep getting more money to invest. I was asking for more hours at work and when I started getting them, I called my stock broker up and told him to raise that $100 a month that he was taking out of my bank account to $250 a month. I still invest into the stock market on a monthly basis.

This was how my passion for personal finance first started. After I was making a little money, I started to read articles and everything my stock broker was sending me. I was interested in knowing and learning everything I could about the stock market. I was reading books and attending seminars. I became fascinated with the market and how it worked.

Along with my stock investments, I started a few businesses and got myself into real estate. And again when I started owning businesses and buying real estate I was reading everything I could about these subjects. I was attending real estate seminars like crazy. To this day I try to read everything I can and go to seminars. Knowledge is power!

In my years of investments, I have made money and I have lost money. I want to help you get financially smart so you don’t lose money. I can save you time, energy and costly mistakes. I can speed up your learning curve, help you crack the code, solve the puzzle. I can help you to make money for yourself even in a volatile economy. How do I know that I can do this? Because this has been my passion since I was 15 years old.

I am offering my services for individual or group financial consulting, and for speaking at events. I have 15 years of experience in the stock market, real estate and in buying and building businesses.

I am looking forward to all the financial success stories and financial happiness that I am going to help you create and facilitate. All I ask from you is that when you are finished reading and reviewing this website, you start using these techniques and principles. Please send me emails telling me what you think and how these concepts have changed your life. Testimonials are very welcome and helpful!

Money Classes will be held in the Akron / Cleveland Ohio area on an ongoing basis. Traveling to other locations can also be arranged.

Please visit the Contact page and request to be added to our contact list. I will then send you my email address so we can directly keep in touch. Unfortunately there is so much unwanted spam that I cannot publish my email directly onto this website, but I do want to hear from you!

“It's not how much you make it's what you do with it that counts.”