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I built this site to educate people about money. You will learn about investing in the stock market, how a few dollars a day can make you a millionaire, buying your first house or a rental property, how to start a business, improve your credit score, getting out of debt, retirement and much more.

MoneyClass.com is the best starting point for anyone looking to obtain financial education and to make more money.  You’ll be able to use the techniques given and apply them to your ability to change your life and become wealthy.  You’ll learn the basics as well as more advanced moneymaking tips here between the info posted, as well as the content provided in the financial literacy classes and seminars offered.  Financial knowledge is power and can cut years off of your working career and save you tens of thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime.

There are 4 steps to increasing your money. Within this site you will learn more about them:

  • Budget – Where is your money going? Track your expenses.
  • Save – What are your short and long term goals? Let’s start saving that money!!
  • Invest – Let’s now start investing it. Buy stocks, real estate and/or start a business
  • Retire – Live life!! Relax – your money is now working for you. Life is Good!!

Too many people now are so far in debt and are having money problems. The individual person’s average debt is $7,800. And the family’s average debt is about $15,000. Meanwhile the average Retirement Account from Fidelity in 2009 is $60,700.

Moneyclass.com is a wonderful tool to get you off on the right financial foot or to restore your footing when you’ve lost it.

December, 2012
We have added an article by Paris Mitchell about investing in debt.

June, 2012
We have added an article on Generating income from a $500,000 portfolio

December, 2011
We have added two more Videos.

September, 2011
We have added an article on whether to Fund Your 401(k) or IRA First? to our Articles page.

April, 2011
Another helpful article: How to start building an emergency fund

April, 2011
We have added a new article: 10 Commandments of Retirement Planning

March, 2011
We have added an new Article for you to read. Enjoy!

February, 2011
The Blog is done now too, please visit it

February, 2011
This website is done, except for the Blog

January, 2011
We start this website

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