Passion + Knowledge = Success

When starting any business or endeavor – have a passion for it. Get educated in becoming your own boss, writing a business plan, marketing, sales and most of all managing it. It’s an investment of time and energy. But it’s totally worth it and very rewarding if it’s something you love.

“I’ll never be rich” or “I can’t do it”.

Don’t talk or think like that. Anything is possible! You’ve just got to work at it, believe in yourself, always learn as much as you can and listen to your instincts. Over time you will begin to see amazing results and feel empowered to keep persevering. No matter what…don’t EVER give up.

Starting A Business

Thinking about starting a business? I believe everyone should own a side business or a full time business. Especially in today’s economy if you work for someone you should definitely be looking at starting something on the side. Who knows when your company can cut back or get rid of workers.

It’s crucial to have a good business plan in place. And always keep looking at it and updating it. Take your time and do your homework before getting into any business.

And when you do start making money don’t just run out immediately and go buy toys and stuff you don’t really need. Instead, reinvest that money so you keep your business growing strong.

If you’re buying a business – learn, learn, and learn about it all before you invest your hard earned money into it. Educate yourself.

Should I Start A Business

If you want to start a business and you’re a complete business world newbie, then start a side business with low start-up costs and get a feel for how running a business really is to try it on and see if it fits with your personality and natural talents. For example, maybe you’re good at plumbing? Start a side plumbing business. Go buy the right tools you’ll need and start advertising. As you see this would be a very minimal start-up cost. And the knowledge you would get from this would be good to advance yourself to the next level whatever that may be.

A low start-up cost business is an excellent starting point for anyone just beginning, especially if you have not ran a business before. I would rather lose a $1,000 start-up cost then a $100,000 start-up cost. Always start small but think big.

The Real Business of Being in Business

When getting into a business ask yourself this huge question… “Can I still make money from my business if I’m not there”? If your answer comes back as “NO” then you might want to rethink your business.

What does this mean?

Let’s say you started your own cleaning service business where you clean houses. If you are the only one working in your business then the only way for you to make money is when you clean a house. What you want to do is build a business “system”. A business system will help you grow your business to the next level. Remember you want to come up with a way for you not to be physically at your business all the time to make money. So, if we look at the cleaning service business, what you would probably want to do is hire someone to do the cleaning of the houses and then that would free you up so you could be out promoting your business and getting new customers. Value your time.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean managing millions or having a lot of employees. A weekend business might be perfect for you. Regardless of whether your goal is to make millions in your business or pay the mortgage on your house, consider these tips:

Do what you love to do! If you love working with your hands, build decks for your neighbors or become a tailor or dressmaker. If you own a small business you will be putting more hours into it than you had planned, so choose something you like to do more than watching TV.

Don't compete on price alone if what you can do can be done overseas. Working for $5.00 an hour should not be your goal, so choose a personal-service business that can't be done in Asia or South America. Clothes can be made in Asia, but personal tailoring must be done locally.

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