More Ways To Save Money


The compact fluorescent bulbs can save a lot of money. They can also cost a lot of money

Did you know they will become illegal in California? There is a reason, they contain mercury. If you break one you may be faced with a choice between a contaminated home and $2,000 hazardous waste cleanup bill. Be careful with them and never let small children near them. If you have a choice, buy LED lights instead.

Turn off the lights and appliances when not in use. Why leave the lights on in the garage overnight or the TV on all night? Do you really need outdoor lighting or are you just making it safer for the burglar, easier for him to know that you are not home, and advertizing to him that you have an expensive house with expensive possessions?

Don't buy appliances that will cost more to run them than they are worth to you. For example, buying food in bulk and storing it in a freezer seems like a good idea until you notice your electric bill went up $50 a month.