More Ways To Save Money

Phone costs

It is amazing how many people pay more for a phone than they save

Do you really need an unlimited calling and texting plan? Or are you wasting your time using up those extra minutes?

Shop around, decide what your minimum needs are and budget to those needs. $30 a month might be all you need, if so why buy more?

Turn the phone off when you get into the driver's seat. If you have an accident while you are texting or talking, you are automatically at fault for that accident. The other person's lawyer is going to have proof that you were talking on the phone or texting when the accident occured. It is as if you got onto the witness stand and admitted that you were not paying attention while driving and it was all your fault. This limits your ability to collect if you are injured and makes you liable for other people's damages. If you are at fault for a serious auto accident, expect that it is going to cost you $50,000 out of your pocket, after whatever your insurance company pays.

Don't use the phone while doing anything else that might be dangerous. Burn yourself while cooking and talking on the phone and you have a trip to the hospital and possibly missed work. Slip and fall while walking the dog and talking on the phone, same thing. Whoever you are talking to will appreciate your undivided attention so don't multi-task while on the phone. Who knows, you may miss an economic opportunity as well. In any case, you will use fewer minutes and enjoy them more.