Ways To Save Money


  1. Pack a lunch for work.
  2. Get only basic TV service or consider an antenna rather than cable, no premium channels
  3. Make list before shopping and buy only items on list.
  4. Apply any extra money (OT, Bonuses, etc..) to debt
  5. Don’t carry credit cards (Leave them at home).
  6. Budget cash in your wallet for the week; when its gone that’s it till next week
  7. Buy from the dollar menu at fast food restaurants.
  8. Take home extra food from regular restaurants rather than overeating.
  9. Don’t play the lottery. Don't gamble unless it is for pennies.
  10. Stop buying the Mochas, Lattes, Cappuccino drinks. Make your own coffee at home and buy a small thermos.
  11. Budget on holiday and birthday spending.
  12. Budget on vacations.
  13. Never buy from vending machines.
  14. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses!!!!!
  15. Keep your car tuned up to avoid bigger expenses and tires properly inflated. Don't speed, a ticket costs a lot and even if you don't get caught you spend more on gas, tires, car maintenance, etc.
  16. Cut back on eating at restaurants.
  17. Don’t keep buying new clothes you don't need
  18. Don't buy insurance you don't need. More
  19. Buy generic brand items.
  20. Put low end fuel into your car. Only luxury or high performance cars need anything more than regular gas.
  21. Don’t spend a lot to buy your car. Shop around and decide what you want and then know exactly what it is going to cost. NEVER buy the same day, go home and come back next week if you really want that car.
  22. Limit the use of air conditioners. What is comfortable is often what you are used to, not some particular temperature.
  23. Turn heat thermostat down in the winter. Hot dry air encourages respiratory diseases and makes you colder when you go outside. Put on an extra layer instead.
  24. Never warm up your car. The car doesn't need more than 10 seconds of warmup.
  25. Have a good FICO score.
  26. Don’t buy books go to your local library and get them out for free.
  27. When taking money out of an ATM use your bank so you don’t get charged a service fee.
  28. If you can, get rid of your land line phone if you have a cell phone.More
  29. Rent movies rather then going to the movies.
  30. Only get credit cards that have no annual fee.
  31. Buy items that are on sale but not because they are on sale.
  32. Buy items with coupons but not because you have a coupon. Remember that your time is also worth money so be reasonable with coupons.
  33. Join a warehouse club and buy in bulk. Often memberships can be shared with family members, even if you don't live in the same house.
  34. Pay bills online, avoid postage and late fees.
  35. Stretch your haircut, rather then once a month go every 6 weeks. Consider sharing trims with a friend or family member.
  36. Stop buying bottle water, drink filtered faucet water instead.
  37. Keep your shower length reasonable and don't dump hot water down the drain unnecessarily.
  38. Drive your car for as many years as possible. Most properly maintained cars are good for 250,000 miles. If you are sick of it, have it repainted or spend a day detailing it.
  39. Water with lemon at restaurants is FREE. Most restaurants make more money on beverages than on food.
  40. When out running errands get everything in one trip to save on gas. Walk if you can, it is good for you!
  41. Use energy saving light bulbs and remember to turn them off when not needed. More
  42. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  43. Play cards or games at home rather then going out and spending on entertainment. Go to the community center or library rather than to an amusement business. Take advantage of free concerts, the artists will appreciate an audience and you will often enjoy them more.
  44. Get your news online instead of buying a paper.
  45. Don’t buy extended warranties on items. Pay attention to manufacturer's warranties on large items.
  46. Make gifts instead of buying gifts. People won't forget who gave them that lovely handmade gift, they will forget store-bought items.
  47. Don’t have internet on your phone.

More saving hints

Quit Smoking!!! It costs a LOT and will cost your health, may cost your life and will limit your productive years.

Your health is your greatest asset. If you are not healthy you will earn less and spend more:

  • Keep your weight under control, Type II diabetes is a terrible and costly disease.
  • Keep your weight under control, Heart Disease is a terrible and costly disease.
  • Keep your weight under control, Cancer is a terrible and costly disease.
  • Keep your weight under control, Strokes are terrible and costly.
  • Watch What You Eat, not just How Much! You know what isn't good for you, don't eat it, at least not every day.
  • The cost of that 12-pack of beer a week adds up, plus it is empty calories that makes you fat, increases your healthcare costs and clouds your judgment. Soft drinks are HARD on your health, most are carcinogenic or add empty calories. Water or tea is cheap, healthy and tastes better than anything else after you are used to it.

Pay the most attention to regular costs and large items. If you can cut $20 a month out of something you do every month, it is worth a lot more to you than a one-time $50 savings. If you can save $1,000 on a new car by buying less, and then save another $200 in interest on that car, it is worth a lot more than saving $60 on a washing machine that might cost you more for hot water and electricity. Do you really need a $1000 flat screen TV or would a $500 smaller model do almost as well, and fit better in your living room? You are going to replace most electronics with a better model that costs half as much in 2 years anyway.

Find a low cost hobby. Hiking is much less expensive than skiing. Join a bridge club or learn to play chess. If you live near the shore, go to the beach but if you live in the mountains, learn to enjoy the mountains, don't drive too far for entertainment. Fish for bluegills with ultralights, not bluefin tuna. Plant a garden or landscape your back yard.

Finally, get married, buy a house to live in and have kids. You will live longer healthier lives ( statistically ), be happier and save and earn more mony. Besides, money is not the only wealth.